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The list of our unique services designed to suit specific travel needs include but not limited to:

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  • Travel Booking and reservations (Local and International airlines/flights)
  • Ticket Issue
  • Hotel Bookings and Reservations
  • Transportation Arrangements
  • Visa (Dubai and all African countries)
  • Corporate Travel Consulting
  • Medical Travel Insurance
  • Tour Packages/Sites of Attractions
  • Excursions and Family Planned Trips




Recognizing customers’ service as core; every component of our strategy is tailored to fulfill our mission to treat clients, customers and corporate organizations with value, while providing quality service.

With passion, we relentlessly seek innovative solutions that will deliver great value to our customers at highly competitive price.


Transparency: The agency will operate a transparent policy and abide by good corporate governance in all its operations. The agency’s management will be accountable, responsible and committed to its clients and customers in all its actions. Salvation Travels Limited will align to all organizations that promote transparency in related transactions.
Excellence: Salvation Travels will promote excellence in all aspects of its business and operations, across Management and within its personnel. Staffs will be encouraged to achieve the peak of their capacity through merit. Good initiative and outstanding performance will be greatly rewarded. We will strive to be the best in WHATEVER we do.
Service: Salvation Travels aims to provide satisfactory service which one can always count on; no matter the time or location, we will be there to serve you timelessly.
Passion: We are passionate about all that we do and will dedicate all resources towards achieving the agency’s goals. We will be committed, dedicated, and selfless about travel and tourism.

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