FAQs - Salvation Travel Agency


  1. Do I need to print a paper ticket before leaving for the airport?
    No, you do not need to print the paper ticket for your flight or to show at the airport counter that you have a ticket.Once you have a valid e-ticket (electronic ticket) – all you need to do is approach the specific airline with your passport which is the same name used to book or make reservations for your ticket and your booking reference. You will be given a print of your boarding pass and of course – it is Eco-friendly not to print.
  2. Can I purchase my ticket in advance?

    Yes, you may. It is generally advised to plan for your trip ahead of time. By so doing, we advise you to  contact our reservation team to help you plan accordingly and give you the best of flight rates available.

  3. How many hours do I have to get to the airport before my flight departure?

    Generally, we advise 4 hours before departure time to allow for check-in and also to cater for unforeseen traffic congestion  especially when leaving from Lagos Airports.

    In the event, you do an online check-in, we still advise being at the airport 4 hours before departure as airline regulations do tend to change consistently. However, on arrival at the airport, approach the counter (since you have checked-in online) and do not join the queue.

  4. Do I need Yellow Cards traveling to Ghana?

    Yes. This is now compulsory for all passengers (nationals or foreigners) must be vaccinated to receive a yellow card before traveling to country such as Ghana, South-Africa, and most other African countries.

    You may also get Vaccination & yellow cards at the airport clinics for a fee.

    We advise you contact us well in advance or get in touch with the specific airline to know the required documents needed for your trip/destination.

  5. What are the basic essentials I need to know before traveling?

    You must have an International Passport (with at least a 6 month validity), Visa (from the country you intend visiting), a return ticket (from your airline of choice), hotel reservations (for the period of your stay), Yellow card (depending on the country of visit) and you need to contact us to give you more information.

  6. Do I require transit visa before I transit into my final destination?

    NO MORE TRANSIT VISA for Nigerian Passport Holders.
    Please Note: – As a Nigerian Passport Holder with a valid entry visa to your final destination transiting, you no longer require transit visa’s to travel. Except, where you intend to enter into that particular country you are to transit through eg. Amsterdam, Dubai, Paris.

  7. Many countries have specific requirements for passport validity, and often require passports to be valid significantly longer than the length of your trip – this can vary depending on your country of origin, as well as other factors.

    We advise you check the passport and visa requirements for all countries you’ll be visiting on your journey ahead of time, and make sure your passport has appropriate validity to cover your whole trip.

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