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6 DOs and DON’Ts of travelling

Times before getting on-board a flight are times you may want to take extra cautions.
Here is a list of Do’s and Dont’s which we think you should observe  just before you get on-board.

  1. Always ask questions (Be informed)  especially from those in the industry
  2. Make sure your passport has a 6 month validity before you engage on any trip
  3. Arrive early to the airport for any flight. Normally, 4 hours before departure on International and 2 hours on domestic except when you check in online where an airline supports it (you will be advised when exact to be at the airport).
  4. Do not pack up liquids, metals and steel of any kind into your luggages to avoid Immigration delays or counter check-in
  5. Keep your documents in a safe bag or purse and in easy reach.
  6. Know the type/category of ticket you are buying before buying it (“cheap” should not always be the watch-word or standard before you travel or buy a ticket).



  1. Do not be ignorant or naive
  2. Do not give bribes at any time at the airport – we advice you get all your needed documents before travelling to avoid embarrassment.
  3. Be polite to Immigration or airport officials
  4. Dress modestly – you are about entering another man’s country.
  5. Never apply for visa without using it
  6. Never overstay your welcome at countries you visit based on your visa limits


Extra tip: Is a taxi gonna drop you at the airport? Be sure to get ALL your stuffs out of the car.
It’s definitely the worst time to forget anything in a taxi.


Bon Voyage!

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